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QBCC No. 1276065


  1. Section Includes: Manual side-folding aluminium security door. KEEP B AND C 1. BELOW IF NOT USING MANUFACTURER'S STANDARD CYLINDERS
  2. Products Not Installed Or Supplied Under This Section: Keyed mortise cylinders.
  3. Related Sections: Site preparation, track support and other miscellaneous structural or finish work is in the scope of work of other sections. 1 Section 08710 – Door Hardware; keyed mortise cylinders.
  1. Reference Section 01330 Submittal Procedures; submit following items: 1.01 Product Data: Include published data and specific data prepared for this project. 1.02 Shop Drawings: Include plans, elevations, required clearances and accessories. 1.03 Installation Instructions: If Required. 1.04 Quality Assurance Requirements: If Required
  2. Manufacturer Qualifications.
  3. Installer Qualifications.
  4. Certificates.
Quality Assurance
  1. Manufacturer Qualifications: Minimum of three years experience in the fabrication and installation of Side Folding Security Door.
  2. Installer Qualifications: Authorized representative of the manufacturer
  3. Certificate stating that materials and finishes comply with specifications.
  4. Pre-installation Conference: Schedule and convene a pre-installation conference just prior to commencement of field operations to establish procedures to maintain optimum working conditions and to coordinate this work with related and adjacent work. If Required.
  1. Limited Warranty: One year from the time of installation for defective materials and workmanship.
  1. Examine supports and other conditions under which Doors are to be installed.
  2. Coordinate with responsible entity to correct unsatisfactory conditions and do not proceed with installation until conditions are corrected.
Installation Follow manufacturer's installation instructions and approved shop drawings. Adjusting Test operation of Door and adjust as necessary to provide smooth and proper operation. Demonstration Instruct Owner's personnel in proper operating and maintenance procedures.
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