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Roll & Fold

Dynamic Closure's Roll & Fold Range has a unique free-standing design which requires no ceiling or floor track and quickly positions into place. Roll & Fold stores easily in the opening or can be rolled to a convenient remote location. For increased safety, Roll & Fold has been specially designed with no pinch points.

Engineered for pedestrian traffic control and light security, Roll & Fold is especially effective for those difficult to solve situations, particularly where structural or decorative obstructions exist or where there are high, arched or open ceilings.

Roll & Fold's unique free standing design requires no ceiling or floor track and quickly positions in place. It stores easily in the open or can be easily rolled to a convenient, remote location.

For more information about the Roll & Fold Free Standing Doors' Grilles or to speak to one of our representatives about your specific requirements, please feel free to email us or FREECALL 1800 396 264.


Roll & Fold's advantages over old fashioned scissor gates are numerous:

  • Smaller storage area
  • Locking cylinders available including 'Thumb Turns'


The Roll & Fold stacks smaller than the traditional portable scissor gate. Below is an example of the space saving:

STORAGE AREA (Width x Depth):

  • Roll & Fold (1220mm x 813mm) 1m2
  • Scissor Gate (2083mm x 762mm) 1.59m2

Post Descriptions (see diagrams below)

  1. Wall Channel.
  2. Lead Post with cylinders interior/exterior activating hook bolt lock engaging wall channel.
  3. Bi-Part with cylinders interior/exterior
  4. Bi-Part with 'Drop Bolt' with cylinders interior/exterior

Anti-sway Latch

Aids in moving Roll & Fold from storage to secured position.

  • Floor must be level along entire line of closure for effective operation.
  • Two people required to transport for stowage.


Available in Paravent (perforated aluminium or steel) or Prestige (polycarbonate).