Roller ShuttersBrochure & Tech Guide


Dynamic's Securagrille provides a high level of visibility and air flow in an attractive, economical brick pattern design. Ideal for shopfront, bar and counter tops, arcades, bottle shops, entrances and additional security on windows.

For more information about the SecuraGrille Roller Shutter or to speak to one of our representatives about your specific requirements, please feel free to email us or FREECALL 1800 396 264.


Constructed from 12mm aluminium tubing with moulded nylon links assembled into a brick pattern design. The aluminium tubes will be natural anodised as standard or can be powder coated as an optional extra. For wide openings and multiple door installations, our adjustable mullion can be set on any angle.

Opening Size

Up to 4000mm (h) x 4000mm (w).


Manual hand operation is standard but can be fitted with a key switch operated 240v motorised unit which has a battery back-up for emergency use in case of power failure. NOTE: A 240v power point is required to be supplied and fitted by others next to each motor unit.

Roller Drum

Manufactured from spiral ducted tube and designed to give minimal deflection over the span. The tube shall revolve around the steel tubular shaft with self-lubricating drum wheels and will have helical torsion springs to counter balance the curtain weight throughout the operation.


A two-way mortice lock is mounted centrally within the bottom rail. Optional waist high locking is available.

Bundle Diametres for SecuraShutter

1500mm 270mm
2400mm 320mm
3000mm 360mm
4000mm 420mm

Note: a minimum of 100mm must be added for clearance.

Side Clearances

Hand Operated   50mm minimum
Motorised           100mm minimum