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Dynamic Closures offers a comprehensive range of commercial Folding Doors and Grilles closures to suit a variety of internal or external situations such as bars, receptions, gaming areas and cafés and can be easily fitted to wide openings. There are no floor tracks, removable mullions, or the need for complicated bulkheads. The Folding Closures Range of doors give greater flexibility in design, as they can effectively be curved to a radius opening and can be operated without the need for costly motorisation. For more information about Dynamic’s Folding Doors / Grilles or to speak to one of our representatives about your specific requirements, please feel free to email us or FREECALL 1800 396 264 


Widebody Range Slimline Range Dynglide Range
Polycarbonate Panels    
Prestige Wide Body Prestige Slimline Dynaview
Perforated Aluminium Panels
Paravent Wide Body Paravent Slimline Dynavent
Solid Aluminium Panels    
Opaque Wide Body Opaque Slimline Dynopaque
Avante Garde Wide Body Avant Garde Simline Dynogrille
Glass Panels    
Futura Wide Body Futura Slimline