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Dynasty 9200 Series

The Dynasty 9200 Series is versatile and easy to operate. There are no floor tracks, removable mullions, or the need for complicated bulkheads, giving greater flexibility in design and operation, as there’s no need for costly motorisation. Suitable for a variety of internal and external situations such as bars, gaming areas, cafés and more, this is one of our most popular doors for wide openings.

For more information about the The Dynasty 9200 Series or to speak to one of our representatives about your specific requirements, please feel free to email us or FREECALL 1800 396 264.


  1. STACK WIDTH: Panel size plus 70mm
  2. STACK DEPTH: 70mm per panel – minimum pocket depth 300mm

Example of a 914mm Panel (Nominal Size):

3 250mm 1034mm
7 530mm 1174mm
10 740mm 1279mm
  1. It is imperative that ceiling and floor are level.
  2. Stacks left and/or right off wall.
  3. Also available in bi-part stacking half left & half right.

Straight Staggered stack (Max Height 3600mm)
2. Available with 45º, 60º and 90º curves

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