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Secure Clear Roller Shutters



    • 1.01 SUMMARY


    • A. Section Includes: Roll up aluminium security door.
    • B. Lock Cylinders: Standard Keyed Mortise Cylinders Custom Cylinders: All cylinders provided by customer must be delivered to Dynamic prior to manufacturing for fitting to door to ensure Warranty Condition
    • C. Site preparation: Track support, storage pockets/cupboards and other miscellaneous structural or finish work


    • 1.02 SUBMITTALS


    • A. By Others:
    •      1. Shop Drawings: Include plans, elevations, required clearances and accessories.
    •      2. Site Requirements including inductions and access
    •      3. Installation Instructions: If Required.
    • B. Manufacturer and Installer Qualifications: If Required.
    • C. Installation Certificates.




    • A. Manufacturer Qualifications: Minimum of three years experience in the fabrication and installation of Side Folding Security Door.
    • B. Installer Qualifications: Authorized representative of the manufacturer.
    • C. Pre-installation Conference: A Dynamic Representative will contact the provided Site Foreman/Contact just prior to commencement of field operations to establish procedures to maintain optimum working conditions and to coordinate this work with related and adjacent work.


    • 1.04 WARRANTY


    • 3.01 EXAMINATION


    • A. Examine supports and other conditions under which Doors are to be installed. /li>
    • B. Coordinate with responsible entity to correct unsatisfactory conditions and do not proceed with installation until conditions are corrected.




    • A. Follow manufacturer’s installation instructions and approved shop drawings.


    • 3.03 ADJUSTING


    • A. Test operation of Door and adjust as necessary to provide smooth and proper operation.




  • Instruct Owner’s personnel in proper operating and maintenance procedures.
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